The “Erasmus 4 V.I.P. project” is addressing youth workers and trainers, offering them theoretical and practical tools to use when training and organizing activities for people with visual impairments. This T-Kit provides methods and instruments to:

  • Better understand the process and content features of working with young people with visual impairments;
  • Learn how to use the assistive technologies in preparing and facilitating a non-formal education activity;
  • Develop confidence to begin facilitating non-formal activities for young people with visual impairments;
  • Establish or strengthen links with participants; encourage open and honest communication, respect for differences, support of each other and active participation.

The Toolkit was developed with financial support from the European Union, as part of the ”Erasmus 4VIP” project, funded through the Erasmus+ programme.

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As any other youngsters, also the ones with visual impairments need and enjoy opportunities to meet and work with others in an atmosphere of friendship, mutual support and security. “It is very important for youth NGOs and other entities working with youth to develop projects that are open to all young people in society”. This is what we often hear as an impersonal slogan. But let’s be honest, when most of us are in the situation of working with youngsters with visual impairments we feel quite anxious. And this is perfectly understandable up to a point, as there is little public awareness on the topic. ‘How should I handle the logistics?,’ ‘What can they do?,’ ‘How will they deal with the activities?,’ ‘Will they really enjoy this experience?’ All these questions are popping into our heads and it is not always easy to find answers.

Research on the inclusion and participation of youngsters with visual impairment in learning activities

The  “Erasmus 4 VIPs” project aimed to identify new ways in which youngsters with disabilities, especially with visual impairments, can get more involved in various social and educational activities. In order to achieve this objective, the project consortium, consisting of five partners from Romania, Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Cyprus considered that first of all it was important to explore the real context of integration of young people with visual impairments. This would become the base on which we could later design powerful resources that youth workers and youth organizations can use to integrate young people with visual impairments in non formal education activities and international mobility.